Is it possible to make something aesthetic from something totally unaesthetic?
For this project I was working on the topic of disgust and aesthetics and discovered the hidden beauty in
weekly meat advertising handouts from supermarkets.
My aim was to make a super cute and kitschy dirndl dress with those not so super cute meat and sausage images.
From afar one could think the dress has a polka-dot-pattern.
But if you look closely, you see it´s actually made out of little steaks and sausages.
Here are the patterns I made for the dress:
To make these patterns, I cut out meat images in supermarket advertising:
Some of the finished patterns:
Sewing the dress:
A short video with the dress in action:
Thanks for reading/watching :D

Model: la_petite_evaa
Foto-Assistant: Marcel Götz

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