Made in 2018

2018 was full of interesting jobs and one of those was the video shoot for KÜCHENQUELLE in Berlin.

As a team (Vanessa Stachel and Tobias Eckerlin) we had the assignment to do the technical organization and filming for one shooting day.

On our schedule was the filming of four different scenes that took place in a show kitchen at the KÜCHENQUELLE sales area in Berlin. The videos were meant to be used on the KÜCHENQUELLE Social Media channels.

We also had to prepare the light setting for the scenes one day prior to the shooting, and we had to do a storyboard and shooting plan beforehand.
The first scene shows a typical kitchen scenario everyone can relate to.

KÜCHENQUELLE - Social Media Clip
Concept: Social Chain Berlin 

Camera & Light: Tobias Eckerlin, Vanessa Stachel
Edit: Vanessa Stachel
Color Grading: Tobias Eckerlin
The other scenes showed a family breakfast, special features of the kitchen and some small couple and family situations in the kitchen.

These clips were meant to be used on social media all year long, so we produced a good stock of film material.

Except for the first scene there was no further editing from our side, since Social Chain dealt with the other clips inhouse. 

Therefore, the following scenes / screenshots from the scenes have only a LUT applied.
The Storyboard for the first Scene, we had to shoot and edit. The Storyboard was done in Cinema 4D +  Octane.
The Storyboard for the second scene as an example, there were some more storyboards in this style for the other scenes. 
Thanks for watching!

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