Made in 2019
-commissioned project-

Beginning 2019 the live entertainment agency BB Promotion asked us to produce a trailer for their upcoming musical show “BERLIN BERLIN” about the golden twenties in Germany.

The show was still in development, therefore no real footage of the show was available.

I worked close with BB Promotion on a concept / storyboard including filmed footage and some animation parts.

After the client was happy with the storyboard I reached out to Tobias Eckerlin to help with the real life shoot as an DOP and to animate the intro sequence which should show Berlin and especially the Admiralspalast building in the 1920s. The Admiralspalast in Berlin is still used for events and the show should celebrate its world premiere in this location. Besides the intro sequence there were some more CG shots required for the key visual animation.

Before we started with the production we worked together to refine the concept and the shooting board while also looking for location, actors and what costumes were needed. Marcel Götz, part of BB Promotion, did the biggest part of all the organization as he was responsible for the actors, the location, the set dressing, costumes, communication and much more and did an insane job.

After the location was fixed, we booked Sunset Filmgeräteverleih
 for lights and a gaffer. We shot all the scenes in the "Schatzkistl" in Mannheim. I was directing, Milan Heinzmann the gaffer and Tobias handled the Camera [shot on Blackmagic Pocket 4k] and how the scene should be lit.

As usual the production was fun and everybody was pretty happy with the results, even so the scenes were not used in the final trailer but in a teaser.
The Teaser had some footage included, as you can see below
Some more impressions of the shoot
After the shoot I made several versions of the cut including early stages of the motion graphics and a 3D block out and basic camera. At the same time Tobias created a few different "styles" in the Color Grading and worked on the 3D part.
Tobias made the whole scene in Cinema 4D, rendered in Octane. Compositing and post in Resolve, the final Video was composed in After Effects due to the motion graphic elements.
Tobias modeled a few assets by himself like the Admiralspalast and the Kiosk.

Some final shots and work in progress
Some alternative views of the scene
Work in progress stuff
I was also responsible for 2D animation and motion graphics.
Before the 3D shot there is a short 2D sequence I made with with an old map of Berlin and for the grand finale I did an animation oft the BERLIN BERLIN keyvisual.
For the final trailer, Tobias Neumann from created the sounddesign. The music was recorded and provided by the client.
Agency/Client: BB Promotion GmbH

Art Direction, Producer and Organisation: BB Promotion Team

On Set Shoot:
Concept: Vanessa Stachel, Tobias Eckerlin
Director: Vanessa Stachel
Camera: Tobias Eckerlin
Gaffer: Milan Heinzmann
Styling: Whoopy @whoops_hairstyle
Costumes: Provided by the Nationaltheater Mannheim

Cut & Motion Graphics: Vanessa Stachel
CGI & Color Grading: Tobias Eckerlin
Sounddesign: Tobias Neumann

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