"Ich bin dein Ekel; dein Hassobjekt; der abgestorbene Zwillingsembryo, der in deinem Gesicht rumhängt; das, was du nicht sehen und hören willst; das Ludwigshafen deines Verstandes." (Splittermann. on soundcloud)
or translated 
"I am your disgust; your object of hatred; the dead twin embryo hanging in your face; the thing you don't want to see and hear; the Ludwigshafen of your mind."

This music video was created in cooperation with the artist Splittermann. (Tim Golla) from the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and my fellow student Marcel Götz.
Splittermann. - Guten Tag - Trailer:
As a free semester topic in the university course "laboratory project" I chose to work on the topic "disgust and aesthetics" as it has always fascinated me.
A central part of this became my examination of the depiction of meat in weekly supermarket advertising brochures.
In the course of this, also the project "Fleischdirndl" was created. As the grand finale of this semester I produced the video "Guten Tag by Splittermann.".
Here is the complete music video:
We all enjoyed working on this project together, as we were completely free in what we were doing. We also could perfectly complement our different skills: Marcel as a photographer and designer has the perfect eye for putting people in to scene. Tim with his dark, socially critical but also humorous art figure "Splittermann" and his song "Guten Tag" gave us a very exciting base to work with. For me, as a filmmaker, I loved telling this dark and disturbing story with moving pictures.
Here are some of our social media announcements for the videorelase on 10th of July 2017 :
"Guten Tag" by Splittermann. (Tim Golla)
Video idea and concept: Vanessa Stachel & Marcel Götz
Directing: Vanessa Stachel
Camera: Vanessa Stachel, Marcel Götz, Tobias Eckerlin
Set Design & Costumes: Marcel Götz & Vanessa Stachel
Edit, Color Grading: Vanessa Stachel
Trailer: Vanessa Stachel

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